What do I focus on in my practice?



Healthy eating is paramount. I want to help you make little or big changes to your diet or to your family's diet so that you feel better, have more energy, run a better marathon (if you so choose!), and can do all the things you want to do by discovering what food fuels you and what food slows you down. I also want to help you heal through food. Together, we can alleviate your headaches, improve your colitis, lessen your menopausal symptoms, or better manage your depression. Food is medicine. Sometimes it takes more than food changes to heal, but it's a darn good start.



What I have learned in my practice (and in my life) is that you cannot be your healthiest if you are not sleeping well. Bottom line. If sleep is a problem for you, let's fix it. I know what it's like to have a baby that doesn't sleep well and how much that affects you and your entire family. I'm a Certified Child Sleep Consultant so let's get your kids sleeping well too.

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I want you to grow. I want you to set goals and achieve them. I want you to be the person you want to be. Let's get you exercising or meditating or striving for better work/life balance. Let's look at what it will take to make you a happier and healthier person.



We've got some important work to do!